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Syncr can help you find the perfect music and musicians for your project.

The Brief

Whether you’re a music supervisor, record label, festival booker, video agency or something entirely different, we want to help you find the best emerging talent for your project.


Syncr opens the opportunity to its current and future artists, contacting them through our mail outs, social media, partnerships and advertising, before whittling down the submissions to an easily listenable, relevant and high quality selection. There is no obligation to choose any tracks or artists that Syncr pitches. But we can guarantee that there is a wealth of talent perfect for projects like yours.


Though we can keep the details and your identity a secret, Syncr can promote your project pre-production (through advertising the opportunity) and post-production (by sharing the successful placement).


Just let us know a bit about your project and we can create a brief for you, on your terms, at no cost at all, and with no obligation to use the tracks.


If you’re interested in using Syncr to find music, just drop us an email and we’d be happy to help.






Our current favourite tracks on Syncr



Deadline Date:
Whenever you want to receive the tracks


Completely based on your budget, can be negotiable, can be secret


What kind of style are you after?


Are you after a track with no vocals?


Artist Location:
Only important for big licenses or events etc.


Similar Artists:
After a specific artist style?

Are you looking to be the only user of the track?


Media Usage: 
Where is the project going?


How far will the project reach?


Licence Period: 
Will you use the tracks for a limited time or forever?


Song Quality: 
Demos/Vocal Recordings/Fully Mastered?