We work with some of the most exciting and trusted names in music and beyond to create and democratise opportunities, so you independent artists can keep focussing on what you do best: making music!

What Our Partners Are Saying:


“Syncr never fails to provide us with top-notch talent, helping us build a roster of great bands and musicians that have the passion and drive to succeed in the music industry.”



“We’ve been working with Syncr for the last couple of years to find music for our playlists, and they never let us down! They are so easy to work with and we have discovered a number of independent artists that we may never have found without them, and for that we’re very grateful!”


Means TV:

“I was really impressed with the submissions you sent us. I thought they were all great and feel that our production team has a lot of good options to work with. Overall I’ve found this process of working with Syncr to be very seamless and I’m excited to continue working with you on future projects.”



“Syncr is a very professional platform for independent artists that want to sync their music”


Bucket Playlist:

“I really enjoy getting my monthly playlists from Syncr Music. They send a great mix of music through and every month I discover someone new to me who I really enjoy. It’s a brilliant way to discover new artists and for someone who writes about music, it’s been a wonderful way to find new artists I’d like to interview.”


Artistic Echoes:

“Syncr music has been a fantastic source to discover new talented artists that we can feature on Artistic Echoes, some of which have become firm favourites here at Artistic Echoes. The curated list makes it straightforward to discover fantastic new musicians.”




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