Building A Better Earth Through Music

At Syncr, we have the ability to work with many clients and musicians, meaning we hold a responsibility to be able to use our power for good. We’re always working to improve how we work with our musician community and to make a positive difference together. Which is why we’re partnering with the pros at Music Declares Emergency to help spread a message of what we should do.




What you can do:

As an artist, you have a unique position to use your power for good. You can sign MDE’s declaration and find out what you can do by visiting the actions page on their website here, with tips on how you can use your label, diet, gigs, merch and influence to get involved with the effort.


You can also donate to their fundrazr here to help them continue to do their brilliant work. Music Declares Emergency is volunteer ran so donations will fund events and communications, helping them to spread their message and mobilise those throughout our beautiful art form to save the world.



What we’re doing:

We’re committing to more sustainable practices, internally with our pensions, banking, energy and greener website, and externally with the partners we work with. We’ll be working to guide musicians in the best way we can, actively create opportunities for learning and campaigning, work with the best partners possible and switch our carbon intensive habits to more renewable alternatives.


We’re far from perfect, but we’ve been inspired by Music Declares Emergency and will work to make a difference within our community and through our own actions. Through renewable energy, ethical pension schemes, boycotting big polluters, forming partnerships with charities and green businesses and creating useful content, we aim to a part of the solution. Because there’s #NoMusicOnADeadPlanet





Resources and groups




Launched in July 2019, Music Declares Emergency is an independent group with no party political or commercial affiliations. We believe in the power of music to promote the necessary cultural changes to create a greener, fairer, better future. Donate here and discover how you can take action here.



reenpeace is a movement of people who are passionate about defending the natural world from destruction. Our vision is a greener, healthier and more peaceful planet, one that can sustain life for generations to come. Donate or join here.


Banking and Pensions:

There are greener and more ethical choices for banks out there, for business and personal use, which dont invest in war profiteers, human rights abusers and fossil fuel companies like Triodos, Monzo and Starling, along with Ecology Building Society and Cumberland Building Society. You can also find ethical alternatives for pensions at NEST, Aviva, The Peoples Pension and other mainstream providers. You can also visit Make My Money Matter to help your divest your pension money from fossil fuel companies.



There are also many renewable energy suppliers for your homes and studios too! These include Ecotricity, Octopus, Good Energy and Bulb! You can find even more and switch easily from both banks and energy companies that invest in fossil fuel with SwitchIt.



Earthpercent is an initiative created by Brian Eno where artists and music-related organisations are encouraged to pledge a small percentage of their income to EarthPercent’s fund, where it will be directed to the most impactful organisations dealing with climate change



Even making small changes like a new search engine can make a difference! Ecosia uses its revenue from searches to plant trees. At over, 120,000,000 planted already and bigger companies’ questionable use of data, its an easy switch to make an impact.



Touring is one of the biggest factors on climate change by the music industry. Ecolibrium is a travel carbon calculator which helps you offset your impact. Julies’ Bicycle offer a Green Music Guide packed with case studies, tips and practical advice for greening your live events. Check that out here and discover even more resources (including a free carbon calculator app) here.


T shirt designs by our users for MDE, by Ali Chaibi, Amy Collins, Auggie Velarde and Don Kody.