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Built around Weav Music’s adaptive record format, Weav Run is the only running app that automatically keeps the music in sync with your feet in real time. 


Co-founded in 2015 by Elomida Visviki (Founder & CEO) and Lars Rasmussen (Founder & CTO), Weav Music’s adaptive music technology allows fans to experience music that responds to their movements, instead of the other way around, seamlessly transcending between energy, tempo, and more. The result is an immersive listening experience that brings recorded music to life and delivers the best version of a listener’s favorite song — personalized for the context of listening.


At Weav, we work with artists & producers to create fluid versions of their music. Adaptive songs are a combination of artistry and our proprietary production technology, Weav Mixer. We start out by creating compelling arrangements of a song across different tempo ranges. The Weav Mixer, our production tool, intelligently transitions between those musical variations during playback, to seamlessly adapt to the many different movements and contexts of your life without compromising or distorting the original song.


They’re looking for tracks to add to their catalogue from all genres of music, which would work well for a running app.



  • Adaptive tracks in Weav Run can be played between 100 – 240 bpm.
  • Weav will provide their software and documentation and work directly with the artists to guide them through the weaving process.
  • Weav requires 2-3 additional arrangements (remixes) to be produced by the artist in order to cover the bpm range and to avoid bad time-stretching.
  • Weav’s proprietary production technology uses stems to blend the original composition and the additional arrangements into an adaptive track. The stems are for Weav’s internal use only, and they are fully encrypted once released in Weav Run. Securing the artistic property is a top priority.


Stem requirements:  

  • Vocal parts exported separately (e.g. Lead vocals, background vocals, ad-libs,  etc.) 
  • Instrumental parts exported as a single stem (e.g. Three guitar parts grouped into one stem. Same for piano, bass, etc.) 
  • Drum parts exported as separated as possible (e.g. Kick drum, snare drum, hi hat, etc.) 


Artists must own both their masters and publishing and be registered with a US PRO.


Submit your music now and find out more about them here:

weav.io (Weav Music)

run.weav.io (Weav Run)

Weav Run

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