Syncr x Musicoin Competition

Syncr and blockchain streaming service Musicoin are giving artists the chance to be our Syncr x Musicoin spotlighted artist.

The Brief

Syncr, in collaboration with blockchain streaming service Musicoin, is giving Musicoin artists the chance to be our Syncr x Musicoin spotlighted artist.


Our favourite artist submitting Musicoin links will receive promotion on our social media accounts and mailing list, along with earning 5000 Musicoins. Our second favourite will recieve 3000 MCs and third will receive 2000 MCs.


We are accepting tracks of multiple genres, hoping to hear music that blows us away.



Artists MUST submit Musicoin links to be eligible.


If you’re not on Musicoin, you can sign up here and upload your music, then before uploading your tracks to Syncr here!



About Musicoin:

Musicoin is a music streaming platform built on the blockchain that supports the creation, distribution and consumption of music in a shared economy. Listeners can stream songs from independent musicians on our platform absolutely free and without ads, while musicians are compensated more fairly than major music streaming platforms in the industry.






Deadline Date:
November 30th


10,000 MC giveaway






Artist Location:



Song Quality: 
High quality, Musicoin link