SYNCR Remix Contest Part 2: Remix This!

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4th August (12 Noon UK time)

Online Premiere

Playlisting, Premiere, Free Annual Syncr Pro, 50% royalties from remix

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Brief Description

After winning the opportunity in our previous brief, the brilliant AMETHYSTS are looking for remixes for their stunning track ‘Pressure Makes Diamonds’!


Simply download the stems for the track below, speed it up, distort it, play it backwards, add some guitars, mash it up with one of your own songs, add a rap verse, WHATEVER YOU WANT! Just be creative and make something beautiful to share with the world.


The winner of this contest will receive an official release with 50/50 split royalties, free Annual Syncr Pro, playlisting and a track premiere/interview with a tastemaker site TBA!


Stream the original track below.


We’ve also teamed up with Audiobridge so you can record additional stems for your remix. Just download the app, add the stems and create your own version!

Original track


Part 1 (Closed)

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