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16th February 2022 (Noon UK time)

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Have a demo or unreleased track you dont know what to do with? Want to access a pool of creative talent? Submit your demo and you can direct other Syncr artists to add parts to it!


The winning track will be shared with other artists on the Syncr platform, where you can choose whether vocals, additional verses, strings, guitar solos, drums, production, remixing is needed, or if you’re open to it, anything can be added!


The track can even become an alternative mix alongside your complete version. The choice is all yours!


Artists will have complete creative control over which parts they use. The track will be mastered and distributed by Syncr, with playlisting and promotion as well as a premiere through one of our partners.


Submit your tracks now to earn this unique opportunity!


Want proof of the talent on Syncr?

In 2021 we hosted a brief looking for artists who wanted their tracks remixed by other members of the Syncr community. Amethyst’s ‘Pressure Makes Diamonds’ was selected and the remixes were so good, we made an EP with them! Check that out here.

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