STYNCR: The Smell Of Success

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April 1st 2021 23:59

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At Syncr, we’re trying to revolutionise the way musicians get heard.


Which is why we want to include you in the launch of our brand new product. Introducing ‘StYNCR“, the first perfume which works as an air freshener, anti-persperant, de-icer, hair spray, inhaler, shampoo and conditioner – all in one!


To create this miracle product, we need short, sharp sounds for the spray noise. Tracks should be around 5 seconds and make a “shhh” sound, though other noises are accepted.


Submit your sounds before midnight UK time tonight and you could win a whole year of Syncr Pro AND get your track on the most exciting new spray based product this year.


Submissions must be spray themed to win!


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