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We’re looking for exciting tracks to soundtrack sports shows, in both montage and feature form.


Ideally artists should be upcoming, exciting emerging artists and tracks should be relatively new (released within past 2/3 years).


Please also make sure to include your PRS Tunecode in your submission and submit your instrumentals (upload in the format ‘TRACK NAME (Instrumental’) so we have them on hand if successful.


The most important thing is that they have a good energy, suitable for the highs and the drama of the sporting world. Rock, Pop, Indie, Electronic and Hip Hop will be the most favoured genres here and instrumentals from these genres are welcome too. Tracks with relevant lyrics are also favoured (See ‘Crown’, ‘Warriors’, ‘Boss’ etc. in playlist).


Artists must be registered 100% with PRS/MCPS and PPL databases (you UK artists really should be anyway guys!).


You can find out more about metadata (which is also super helpful) in our new blog post here.

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