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Vocalists must identify as female

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SheBOPS is the Top 20 music blog exclusively covering women in music. Since our conception in 2015, SheBOPS has been awarded a Top 100, Top 50 and Top 20 Blog award alongside key tastemakers including Pitchfork and The Line of Best Fit.


SheBOPS has been set up and designed to share talented women in music from around the globe, as well as to counteract sexism in today’s music industry with empowering, positive representations of women in music; they deserve to be championed with respect and taken as seriously as their male contemporaries.


Although the site will only ever support female-identifying artists, that does not mean “female artist” is a genre of music. Artists are not supported on SheBOPS just because they are female: it’s because they are good.


From K-Pop idols to Norwegian newbies, we share music by talented queens regardless of their location around the world or on the charts.


We do not review albums, EPs or singles – it is up to the listener to decide how they feel about the music. Instead, our primary coverage style is a SheBOPS interview, a vehicle for women in music to speak freely about:

  • Their professional experiences.
  • The magic and madness behind their bops.
  • Representation issues in the music industry.


The name SheBOPS merges the pronoun for a female-identifying artist (“she“) with the slang term for outstanding music (“bops“). As a term, SheBOPS also embodies that physical, ‘bopping’ motion a female-identifying listener may make to a great song (“she bops“). Coincidentally,  “She Bop” is also the title of a Cyndi Lauper bop.


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There are no definitive submission guidelines because taste is subjective. The only major requirement is that if the song features a vocalist, it is imperative that the vocalist must be somebody who identifies as female.


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