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Pop, Electronic, EDM

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Rhythmic Records UK is part of the Rhythmic Music Group. Based in London they support, develop and grow upcoming and breakthrough artists in a number of territories. The Group consists of a Label, Management Company and Publishing Division. They’re considered to be the next hub for Upcoming and Breakthrough Music Artists.


For some of their artists, they act as an incubator and work with some major labels to help hone in and develop the artist before they are referred to a major. So obviously this offers a lot of opportunities with both them and others.


A successful artist can expect a Record Label Contract to release and distribute their work. Additionally, they would receive opportunities to work with other artists on their roster as well as many others including other upcoming artists and potentially even some mainstream artists. The artist would either receive an offer for a single release of their music or a more long term one depending on their situations and music so they do have some room to work with.


At the moment they are looking for Pop, EDM and Dance artists as this is their main focus and they have a lot of projects in the running/coming up so a great time for new musicians to get involved.

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