Brand new promoters Rhyme are kickstarting events celebrating the wealth of talent in the North East of the UK. 

The Brief

Independent music promotion in the North East of England, celebrating the wealth of talent that’s exuding from there currently. 

Started by Rhys Melhuish who has been immersed in the local music scene in the North East for quite some time, is putting his expertise into practice with Rhyme, giving local acts a chance to showcase their talents to a keen audience. 

Are you from the North East and want to showcase yourself on an event promoted by someone well-respected and trusted in the music industry? Now is your chance. 


Check out their first headliner to get a taster of the kind of quality act that they’re after.

Deadline Date:
Ongoing (Submissions Updated Monthly)






Artist Location:
North East


Similar Artists:
Great Waves, The Pale White, VITO