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Hip Hop, Folk, Jazz, Neo-Soul

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Sheffield-based music blog Pink Wafer are passionate about discovering great new musical talent across the UK.



Describing themselves as “a music blog for the North”, the team champion exciting talent on their blog and in their magazine. They work with artists, agencies and writers from around the UK as well as hosting live gigs in their hometown of Sheffield.



Working with Sheffield’s Peddler Night Market, the Pink Wafer team are looking to hear engaging live acts to consider for their curated live music stage at the events which take place on the first Friday and Saturday of each month. Attracting over 3000 people each night, it is Sheffield’s biggest regular event.



Spotlighting acts from Sheffield, Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle, Bristol, Glasgow, Liverpool, Nottingham and Birmingham, they cover music of a variety of genres including jazz, hip hop, folk, neo-soul, electronic, afrobeat and singer-songwriters.



Pink Wafer are waiting for you to introduce yourselves so submit your best tracks now to be considered for feature!


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