Neon Wasteland

Digital Comic | Ambient | Electronic | Synthwave
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Media Usage
Digital Comic Book, Animations, Video Games, NFT Art

Dependent on format and usage


Licence Period

Brief Description

Neon Wasteland is an augmented reality cyberpunk comic created by Rob Shields. Set between two realities, a simulated digital reality set in 1988 and the wasteland Earth of 2088.


We’re now looking for music for multiple uses in the Neon Wasteland universe, including 3D animationsNFT artworks, the comicvideo games and more!


We’re looking for retrofuturistic synth music (like Krome Kid) which fits the themes of the comic. Tracks should be gritty, dark and have an action packed feel. Only instrumentals will be considered.


Please submit your most appropriate tracks, along with writer information (full names and %s of ownership). You can also read our posts about metadata and split sheets to become a sync expert!


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