Get It Done: Pop Rock Album

Get It Done Music are looking for Pop Rock tracks for a new compilation album with a focus on sync licensing…

The Brief

Get It Done Music are looking for modern sounding Pop Rock for a compilation album with a focus on sync licensing.


Tracks shouldn’t be overly happy, or overly aggressive, but should have a strong, syncable sound, with instrumentals preferable but not necessary.


Artists synced through this album will receive a 50/50 Sync Split with all writing royalties going to writers.


Tracks don’t need to be mastered but successful applicants will be contacted to provide a WAV file of the track, multiple instrumental versions and individual stems of the track.


Get It Done Music is a is music licensing company with extensive experience working in sync with composers, directors, ad agencies and music supervisors for TV and film.



Deadline Date:
August 24th 2019


Sync fees split 50/50


Rock, Pop, Indie


Artist Location:




Media Usage: 
TV, Film, Online


The World


Licence Period: 


Song Quality: 
See brief