FEELS Songwriting Competition: Killig

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Monday November 30th Midday (UK Time)

Disrupción artists, Berklee Valencia and Boston students, and any
non-affiliated or unsigned artists.

See brief description.

Track Length
Max. 4 minutes.

One instrument of the artist’s choosing.

Brief Description

We’re encouraging SYNCR artists to submit to stage 1 of FEELS, a mood-based songwriting competition from Berklee Valencia’s Disrupción Records.


Disrupción is bringing together partners across music publishing, data, promotion and mental health to empower independent artists to express themselves in new ways and take charge of their careers. Songwriters can choose one of our four moods from another language to interpret and express themselves in an entirely new way.


This one is Killig. A noun in Tagalog meaning the thrilling feel of butterflies in your stomach that you typically feel when something romantic happens.


To reflect the multifaceted nature of today’s songwriters, Disrupción has assembled a diverse panel of experts spanning publishing, A&R, music supervision and songwriting. This group of industry leaders and influencers includes Brian Vickers, Music Supervisor at Walt Disney Studios, Jason Jordan A&R Executive and Principal at earthprogram, and Marjorie Scheker, Licensing Manager at Warner Chappell Music Spain, among others to be announced.


In order to provide emerging artists with the resources they need to take charge of their careers and artistry, the label is also partnering with a range of organizations across music publishing, data, and promotion. Partners include Berklee Valencia, Songtrust , Chartmetric , RAIDAR , Groover, and more.


As valuable as practical resources can be, Disrupción also seeks to highlight the pivotal role of mental health in artists’ development and continued success. The label has joined with Sweet Relief Musicians Fund to offer mental health resources to all participants and Shading the Limelight to engage in personalized counseling with the competition’s winners.


Submission Criteria – Stage 1
○ Maximum of 4 minutes in length, must include elements of melody, lyrics and chords
○ May only be accompanied by one instrument of the artist’s choosing
○ The writer is not required to provide the main vocals for their own submission
○ Must not contain any previously copyrighted material (all original works)
○ Word for the mood chosen does NOT need to be incorporated in the lyrics or song title


Evaluation Process
○ Members of Berklee Valencia’s Disrupción Records and Boston’s A&R Collective will
collectively vote to determine which 12 finalists will compete in the next stage.


All participants:
■ Indie Artist Branding Toolkit
■ Modern Guide to Music Publishing and Songwriter Checklist (courtesy of
■ Access to mental health resources for creatives (courtesy of Sweet Relief
Musicians Fund)

12 finalists:
■ Free 1-month Chartmetric trial
■ Feedback from our panel of guest judges
■ 50% discount on their Songtrust account
■ Access to an exclusive music publishing expert session hosted by Songtrust’s
Mandy Aubry

4 winners (1 for each mood):
■ $50 Gift Card
■ Marketing/Branding Consultation
■ Private group wellness session (courtesy of Shading the Limelight)
■ Feature is Disrupción’s mood-based compilation EP

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