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Indie, Rock, Electronic, R&B, Pop

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Ear Jelly are a U.S media outlet that empower artists of all sizes. Alongside their sister site Citizen LA and with over 25 years of experience within the music industry, their team know a good track when they hear one.


Whether it be from an established talent or an emerging artist, Ear Jelly plays no favourites. Respecting all who dedicate themselves to creation, production, distribution and publicity of all genres, as a brand, they are similarly dedicated to the future of music.


Now Ear Jelly are teaming up with SYNCR to discover the best new music that our emerging and unsigned talent has to offer! Featuring artists of a wide range of genres including indie, rock, electronic, R&B, pop (to name a few!), the editorial team pride themselves on their wide taste. Soundcloud or YouTube preferred (it means listeners can play your entire track right.now!) but Spotify is also accepted. Soundcloud only submissions may also be considered for Weekly Top 5.


Songs successfully placed on Ear Jelly may be eligible for free analytics testing!


If you’ve any new or upcoming releases, Ear Jelly want to hear from you!

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