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Corite allows you to create income through your fans while also giving back!


Corite uses their crowdfunding platform to enable creators to earn a fan powered advance, allowing unsigned artists to have the benefits of a traditional label but with the fans seeing the benefit rather than a label. By offering a share of your of your first year streaming revenues (% set by you and without giving away your rights), you can engage your fans, market your music and use the money for your next release or tour.


Through Syncr, Corite are looking for artists with drive and with music that really impresses them to be a Corite/Syncr Spotlighted artist!


Spotlighted artists will receive extra promotion for their campaigns and release from both Syncr and Corite through mailing lists and social media, pitching to Spotify playlists, a feature on Syncr’s Corite Spotlight playlist.


Submit both unreleased and released tracks now for the chance to earn extra promotion for your next single campaign. You can also go directly to corite.com and start setting up your next release!

Please only apply if you are looking to use Corite for a campaign.


How Corite works:

Just set up a campaign for your next release, receive money to record or market your music, while you engage your fans’ and Corite takes care of the global distribution. By applying through Syncr, you’ll be considered for extra promotion for you campaign!


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