CloseUp Promotions: Emerge Playlist

Indie | Pop | Alternative | Acoustic | Rock
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UK Only

Indie, Pop, Alternative, Acoustic, Rock

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Spotify only

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CloseUp Promotions are Southern live promoters, booking agents and feature writers. They aim to bring new and established bands into intimate venues to create a unique atmospheric live experience.


It’s not just their live shows where you can find fantastic music though, as their Spotify ‘Emerge’ playlist is full of the freshest talent that the UK has to offer.


They’re looking for acts with new releases to add to their playlist. This is a great way to get in with a brand that have many more opportunities to offer. 


Plus, not only do they promote shows, but they also represent a number of the finest up and coming bands as booking agents. Currently, they are working with:


Youth Club, Little India, Hows Harry, Spinn, Shanghai Blues, Bel Esprit, COURTS, Submariner, Arcade Hearts, SHINERS, Glass Peaks


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