Car Brand Ad

Multiple Genres
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October 10th 4.30 PM UK time

Media Usage
TV, Online



Licence Period
3 Months

Brief Description

We’re looking for exhilarating, uplifting, but cool tracks to feature on a TV ad for a well known car brand.


Tracks should be bold, anthemic and energetic, but movie trailer-y, cinematic or overly dramatic sounds should be avoided. Submissions should have a good solid rhythm and momentum too, as the cars are always in motion. Powerful drums and a clear climax are key.


Instrumentals are preferred at this point, but any tracks with lyrics that would suggest an exciting life or relevant exhilaration which enhance the advert would be great. As long as the track feels uplifting and adds excitement to the driving experience.


Please include writer information (full names and %s of ownership) in your tracks. Read our posts about metadata and split sheets for some extra sync points.


Key words:

Exhilarating, Epic, Inspiring, Drums, Fast, Upbeat, Anthemic, Emotional, Climax


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