Our Statement

We are a music company. We are not a political organisation.


But as human beings, we cannot stand idly by while injustices occur. We are disgusted and outraged by the consistent police brutality against black people in the US, UK and all over the world, along with the brutality they use against those peacefully protesting it.


To all those working for a better world, we must tell you: We see you, we support you and we will do everything in our power to help you. We are donating, signing petitions, speaking out, learning and seek to work with as many like minded people as possible and we will hold ourselves to this promise as a company and individuals.


Music and musicians have played a vital role in social change and it can now too. Artists, speak up. Every voice is important and yours are unique. Use your gifts and power to make something from this. Learn your rights, protest, research alternatives, learn what you can do in daily life, donate to anti-fascist and anti-racist organisations, donate to specific protest bail bond groups and do what you do best – create. Create music from within that empowers people with messages of love, solidarity and equality that come from every human being’s heart.


We oppose abuse of power on all levels. We will not tolerate racism from employees, musicians or collaborators. We will educate ourselves, donate and participate all we can. We will do all we can to collaborate with the right people on the right projects to make a difference in this fight and others. Hold us to these promises as much or more as we will ourselves.


Any organisations in this area wishing to collaborate in any form, we encourage and welcome you to get in touch to discuss awareness and fundraising ideas at hello@syncrmusic.com.


Love, solidarity and respect,

The Syncr team


This page is dedicated to George Floyd and all the others killed through racism and police brutality.




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