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March 16th Noon UK time

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art27 is a platform that works with refugees and asylum seekers to tell stories and amplify voices that dont get heard. They are now looking for a new theme from Syncr users for audio and video content.


They are looking for a piece of instrumental acoustic/semi-acoustic music. The piece should be in a format of 3-4 minutes and also as a 5-10 second audio logo that uses the same musical material, feel, or elements as a sting at the beginning of videos, podcasts, and other media.


The track should give energy and momentum to any content without distracting from the conversations.


The music should reflect their focus on connecting worldwide voices and communities by using a variety of melodies, instruments or rhythms connecting.


Key words/phrasings:

Forming connections, uplifting, making new links and bridges, empowering, coming together, community, art, culture, expression, conversation, determination, overcoming, humility.


Texture and Dynamics:

Rhythm and Timbre:

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