An Uninvited Guest

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14th November 2019 (12 noon UK time)

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We’re looking for a moody score to cut a thriller/horror trailer for the upcoming short film An Uninvited Guest, to be screened at film festivals.


When a Black man is viciously assaulted by police right outside their window, all of the guests at a dinner party seem to consider the attack unremarkable except for one.


You can find a rough cut of the trailer here. Something similar to the reference used would work, but not specifically a soundalike, just something that unsettles the audience. The final trailer will be cut to the score.


Please include writer information (full names and %s of ownership) in your tracks. Read our posts about metadata and split sheets for some extra sync points.



Dark, Ominous, Tension, Dissonant, Urgent, Sinister



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