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Wednesday 14th April (12 Noon UK time)

The Aerodrums Kit, Six months free Syncr Pro


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Aerodrums is a revolutionary, portable airdrumming product that allows drumming without a drum kit!


Now, the percussion visionaries want to hear your music and give away a free set!


Aerodrums want to offer this to all musicians, even those who may not have been able to learn drums before, so all genres are accepted, but please include why you want to learn or how the kit would benefit you in your track description.


We’ll send Aerodrums a shortlist of artists based on the reasoning and how exciting the artist is, they will then provide one lucky winner with an Aerodrums kit. Successful artists will also earn six months of Syncr Pro!


You can also get 20% off the kit here (we dont take commission so the savings are all yours).


You have until April 14th to apply!


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