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Pop/Rock for TV Advert
Pop/Rock for TV Advert Pop/Rock for TV Advert

What we are looking for

We're seeking some exciting Pop/Rock tracks featuring both male and female vocals! 

The brief holder, who specialises in music for commercials, is currently scouring the musical landscape for mid-to-up tempo songs that fit snugly within the stylistic range of the following reference tracks:

They're looking for contemporary Pop/Rock tracks brimming with infectious, high-spirited emotions—a perfect fit for TV commercials. What they need most are unforgettable choruses, catchy melodies, and captivating rhythms.

In the lyric department, we're after simple, easily relatable, feel-good lyrics that would be a seamless fit for TV commercials. Please steer clear of dark, moody, or depressing themes, as well as specific names, places, dates, times, brands, or profanity.


Submission Rules

Broadcast quality is needed.

  • Brief Deadline

    Sun September 24th

  • Genre

    Indie , Pop , Rock , Acoustic , Funk , Metal , Punk , R&B/Soul , Alternative , Indie-Pop , Indie-Rock




    TV, Online



  • Licence Period