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Modern Funk Songs for TV
Modern Funk Songs for TV Modern Funk Songs for TV

What we are looking for

A large company specialising in music for TV are on the hunt for top-tier, modern funk songs that radiate bright, energetic vibes akin to the provided references. 

Submissions should feature emotionally upbeat and infectious melodies, alongside funky grooves and well-crafted lyrics. Instrumentation in line with the referenced tracks (including elements like robust drums, electric guitar, bass lines, keys, etc.) is recommended. 

Production should be polished, utilizing high-quality virtual instruments and samples that avoid a dated sound. Authentic, soulful vocals delivered with skill are a crucial element for this opportunity.

This opportunity offers a one-time buyout of $2500, with additional back-end benefits for both the writer and publisher.


Submission Rules

Please ensure your lyrics are entirely clean and avoid brand names. The briefholder favors lyrics that steer clear of specific names, dates, and times. It's imperative not to mimic the referenced artists or songs; they should only serve as inspiration for tempo, texture, and tone.

  • Brief Deadline

    Sat September 30th

  • Genre

    Pop , Jazz , Afrobeat , Funk , R&B/Soul , Reggae , Hip-Hop




    TV, Online



  • Licence Period