Syncrmusic | Remix Contest Pt 2 - Remix This!
Remix Contest Pt 2 - Remix This!
Remix Contest Pt 2 - Remix This!

What we are looking for

After winning the opportunity in our previous brief, Sola is looking for remixes of her brilliant track ‘Self Destructing’.

Simply download the stems on the link below or here and remix the track however you want! You can add vocals, stretch it, rap over it, add your own guitar parts, ANYTHING! The winner will be picked by Sola after the deadline.

Successful artists will receive an official release with a split % of royalties, free annual Syncr Pro, playlisting and a track premiere with a tastemaker site TBA!

Last year the remixes for Amethyst's 'Pressure Makes Diamonds' were so good an entire EP was made! Find out more about that here.


Submission Rules

Please have a wav. file on hand to send if successful as high quality sounds are a must.

Please do not release the tracks publicly until the competition is over.

Submit your music before March 8th 12 Noon UK time.

  • Brief Deadline

    Wed March 8th

  • Genre



    Online release



  • Licence Period

    5 years