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Reality TV Series
Reality TV Series Reality TV Series

What we are looking for

We’re looking for tracks for a massive reality TV show!

Tracks used will be from a variety of genres and can be both upbeat or downbeat, but lyrical themes should be able to relate to friendships, relationships, fun, decisions, break ups and love. So Ibiza-style dance, upbeat sexy pop, epic hip-hop/rock and sad, emotional acoustic tracks all work if they fit the themes.

Tracks would benefit from being of a summery style, strong broadcast quality is important and songs should not be explicit.

Please read all the rules before submitting to avoid dissapointment.

Submission Rules

Artists must be registered with PRS/MCPS and PPL databases (UK artists really should be anyway!)

Tracks must not be explicit.

Include writer information (full names and %s of ownership), instrumentals and PRS Tunecodes in your tracks.

  • Brief Deadline

    Wed February 22nd

  • Genre



    TV, Online streaming



  • Licence Period