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SYNCR Pro is priced at just £4.99/$6.45 per month and offers full access to the ever growing collection of briefs, resources and masterclasses.

SYNCR gives you full access to the ever-growing library of briefs, however, you can’t apply for any Pro briefs. SYNCR Pro, billed as £4.99/$6.45 a month, gives you full access to all content along with access to SYNCR Masterclasses, giving you insight & advice from industry professionals.

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You sure can, you can change your subscription at any time.

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After you’ve set up your account & uploaded your music, head to any brief and click the submit button. You can then choose from any of your uploaded tracks or simply enter your tracks URL from Soundcloud, Apple Music, Spotify etc.

Sync deals over £4,000 could require up to 10% of the fee for potential work on representation, clearance and legal work. We’ll never touch your royalties though, they’re all yours.