Your new
way to earn

Opportunities for unreleased or repurposed versions
of your songs, where you can earn big money!

Make more so you can create more.

While our briefs are specific searches for track placements, SYNCR-X is an alternative area for Pro users to submit their unreleased tracks to our library for the clients who are looking to exclusively buy-out music. 


It is extremely important that these tracks are not yet released or on any streaming service, and can allow producers and musicians to earn money off pieces of music that they’re either not planning to release, or that they wish to craft specifically for these briefs.


By submitting your track to us through the SYNCR-X briefs, you must understand that if your track is successfully shortlisted for the library that you will have to alert us if you wish to use the pieces of music for alternative opportunities. 


There are more ways to earn money off your music. Here’s to making more, so you can create more!


Only have released music but still want to take part? Try Repurposing.


Repurposing is a sync technique which allows you to take an existing, released peice of music and give it a new lease of life – creating multiple versions of the same song, giving you more accuracy with briefs, more creativity and more revenue streams.


Click here to learn more about repurposing.