Writing for Sync? Master your music instantly with LANDR


LANDR is a platform enabling musicians to get the most out of their music, offering leading mastering, distribution, plug-ins, samples, collaborative opportunities and musician focussed video calls.


By offering affordable and invaluable tools at every stage of the music creation lifecycle, Syncr users can sign up to LANDR to perfect their pitches with two free masters every month just for signing up.


The process is simply a drag and drop of your file and their mastering service will do the rest. For Syncr users, this service means that when you write a track for a brief, you can guarantee that it sounds crisp, clear and powerful, maximising your hard work and creativity for the ears of the music supervisors – and increasing your chances of getting sync-ed.


Need finished, polished sound fast? LANDR Mastering gives you the tools to finish more music.


Sign up for free here and start mastering like a pro with 2 free masters every month just for signing up.


Find what your music’s been missing with LANDR and discover their Distribution services and Sessions app which enables artists to collaborate and share DAWs in realtime.