Why Linkfire smart links are worth your time


Artist promotion has become incredibly complex. Unless you’ve got a team around you, it’s very likely that you need to switch hats from musician to marketer, data analyst, designer and many more. 


We’ve recently sat down with our friends at Linkfire and spoke about the challenges faced by non-signed emerging artists and their teams. This article is a result of that conversation and captures the main reasons we believe smart links are a must for modern music marketing.


Tobias (Syncr): Let’s start with the basics: Why should an artist care about smart links? 

Simona (Linkfire): At Linkfire we like to think of smart links as bridges between the artist and fans. We’re big advocates of wrapping every link you publicly share in a smart link. That way, you’ll be able to maintain brand consistency, measure performance, gain deeper insights about your fans, and keep everything you’re promoting nicely organized in one dashboard.



Reason #1: Maintain brand consistency, measure performance, gain deeper insights about your fans, and keep everything you’re promoting nicely organized in one dashboard.


Tobias (Syncr): Those are some really good reasons. How do smart links help with brand consistency?

Simona (Linkfire): A smart link consists of two components: a unique URL and the landing page behind it. The URL is what you share across different channels when promoting your music, and it looks something like this: artist.lnk.to/album.

Regular URLs are long and bulky, while smart link URLs are short, pretty and customizable. You can include your artist name, release name, campaign name, or any other key branding elements. This lets your fans know precisely what to expect when they click, which increases the likelihood that they’ll engage with your content. 



Reason #2: Smart links increase the likelihood of fans engaging with your music.


Tobias (Syncr): How about the landing pages? What kind of customizations do they cover?

Simona (Linkfire): The landing page is the page you send fans to right after clicking on the URL. You can think of it as a highly customizable microsite with over 250 music services to choose from. You can customize everything from the language, artwork, streaming services to the way your social media previews will look. 

The best part is that they are created automatically, it literally takes seconds to get a professionally looking landing page, and you don’t need any design or coding skills. 



Reson #3: Smart links come with professionally looking landing pages, ready to be shared all over the internet. No design nor coding skills needed. 


Tobias (Syncr): It sounds too good to be true. What is the price of getting access to a smart link?

Simona (Linkfire): Smiling. Once you get access to the Linkfire platform, you can create as many smart links and landing pages as you want or need. There’s no limit! Currently, the pricing starts at $10/mo. 



Reason 4: The Linkfire platform gives you access to unlimited smart links.


Tobias (Syncr): Does Linkfire offer a solution for pre-save campaigns or other types of smart links?

Simona (Linkfire): Yess, good question. We like to think that music, as many other creative products, has a lifecycle. The types of links you’ll find on the Linkfire platform aim at covering that entire lifecycle. 

  • Pre-release stage (30 – 90 days before release): Smart link recommended- Pre-release smart link
  • Release stage (90 days after release date): Smart links recommended- Release link
  • Post release (+100 days post release): Smart links recommended – Bio links, rewards links
  • Touring: Smart links recommended: Ticket link



Reason 5: Smart links work for various marketing needs, from pre-release to fan engagement campaigns.


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