The Synctionary














A few terms to help you out with our sync briefs…



Artist location

This is simply where you’re from. Sometimes there are legal or PRO limits, or an artist needs to be from a certain place for simplicity or authenticity.


Blanket license

These licenses are bought by broadcasters or live venues from Performing Right’s Organisations, allowing them the use of any songs registered by the PRO. Royalties are still paid to artists, but there would most likely be no reward.


Buy out

This is when the rights to your track are sold to a publisher or other entity, this will normally be for a huge fee (we wouldn’t host unfair briefs) as you won’t receive any further royalties after this.



This is when you sign a licensing agreement preventing you from signing another sync deal for the song. You will receive more money and sometimes include a buy out. This is common for iconic scenes with will tie the song to the film.


License period

The length of time you are allowing the track to be used for in that context. This will often be stated as ‘perpetuity’, meaning forever.



Metadata is the information attached to your tracks, like your label, publisher, genre, BPM, track listing and the album it is included on etc. This is vital for music supervisors so please include this when uploading your track information.


Music publishers

Music publishers are libraries of music that look after the rights of songwriter’s tracks. They actively search to sync music, as in return they receive some of the royalties.


Performing Rights Organisations/PROs

Performing Rights Organisations such as PRS, ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, STEM help songwriters get paid for the use of their music by collecting performance royalties for them.



The reward is the amount of money paid upfront to an artist for the use of their track before royalties.



Royalties are paid to artists after the use of their track. For example, when their songs are played on the radio, in films or in adverts etc. These can be collected manually or through a PRO.


Song Quality

This is how well recorded your song is. For songwriting contests or briefs, the quality can be lower, however, for our sync opportunities, these will most likely be stated as ‘Fully mastered’ and ‘Broadcast ready’.



Territory is where your song will be used. If a film, TV show or advert only has distribution for one country or region, this will be stated here. The artists do not have to be from these areas and if the licensee wishes to extend the distribution, you will be offered another contract for those areas.



If you are successful with our sync briefs, we will be with you every step of the way to help you understand the contracts.


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