Syncrmusic | Syncr x Musicians Without Borders Song Project

In March 2020, we announced our collaboration with international charity Musicians Without Borders to create a fundraising song!


Built from your collective ideas over multiple briefs, we asked you for an “exciting and inspiring” instrumental, which  Robby Stone more than provided.


Then, based on the instrumental, Yassi V provided a catchy chorus focusing on “themes of peacebuilding through music, creating spaces of safety and belonging, using the power of music for social change.”


Then, with sang and rap verse briefs, Sola, Auggie Verlade and Bed Time provided vocals to really express the message “war divides, music connects.”


Once all the components were together, we tweaked, perfected and mixed the track with award winning producer and engineer Marcellus Fernandes before distributing it with Musicians Without Borders and premiering it on new music blog Clout.


Listen to the song below, all proceeds will go towards contributing artists and charity. Please also donate here when listening to the track, your kindness will help heal lives with music.


The track is available to listen to, buy and add to your playlists on all major platforms here.

Ricky Hill

Syncr Founder