Syncr Ones To Watch

Our Syncmas continues! We listen to a lot of music (naturally!) and as a team we’ve been so impressed by all of the incredible music that you’ve shared with us so far. So, for our sixth day of celebrations we thought we’d pick some of the users whose music has blown us away this year…



Honey Gentry

My personal favourite artist on Syncr is Honey Gentry, a London based singer-songwriter and soon to be megastar.


Even when performing songs that aren’t her own, whether it’s by Kate Bush, Fleetwood Mac or even My Chemical Romance, every recording features her own ethereal signature sound; immediately soothing vocals and a delivery that’s dramatic without being superfluous. In ‘Hallelujah’, slow waves of guitar work with full, echoey vocals, creating that same captivating quality that only artists like Leonard Cohen have, to hold the listeners attention so powerfully and entirely throughout the song.


While her performances have a heavenly quality to them, her songwriting is not something to overlook either. As the quietness draws you in to listen closer, you can hear the thought, the personality, the feelings, and the authenticity in every cinematic lyric.

– Tobias Pugh





DENOVA were a really nice surprise to come across and we were delighted to have them as the first artist to represent us in the series of Rising event for War Child at Camden Assembly.


With music, an aesthetic and merch that is creatively pointed at their target demographic, DENOVA are sure to blow up fairly quickly. Already having a lot of success with Spotify playlists, this Mancunian band are sure to be popping up a lot more in 2019, so be prepared.

– Samantha Daly




Pink Lemonade create music that feels familiar in the best way, the kind of track that is practically a favourite memory and warm hug upon first listen. Bringing lush synths and understated beats, tracks such as ‘Good Life’, ‘Wasted A Moment’ and ‘Too Late’ carry a melancholy 80s nostalgia, whilst ‘Millennial Boy’ is a contemporary pop smash with it’s spritely, upbeat tone and hazy vocals; it’s the audial embodiment of a summer’s day.


With only four songs to their name currently, it’s a good time to get acquainted with Pink Lemonade: 2019 will surely bring great things for the London duo.

– Kayleigh Watson



Little Grim

South London alternative outfit Little Grim have been with us since April and they instantly caught my attention with their aptly named track ‘Infectious’. Their strong aesthetic is characterised by vocal tone variation, sparkling guitars and a blend in genres. Their hip-hop infused indie rock is formed from a simple line-up, yet genius melodic lines make Little Grim the stars they deserve to be.


Despite only having 3 tracks to their name, Little Grim have risen in popularity steadily since their debut in 2017. The four-piece regularly play live around their local area of London but hopefully, 2019 will see their melancholic vibes reach a wider audience. I’ll be sure to buy the first ticket when they do!

– Stephanie Williams