Syncrmusic | Releasing your music - Step by step

Find out how you can maximise the impact of your music in the outside world with our trusted past and previous partners!





Corite uses their crowdfunding platform to enable creators to earn a fan powered advance, allowing unsigned artists to have the benefits of a traditional label but with the fans seeing the benefit rather than a label. By offering a share of your of your first year streaming revenues (% set by you and without giving away your rights), you can engage your fans, market your music and use the money for your next release or tour. Want a Syncr spotlighted campaign? Apply here



Need to collaborate with artists but struggling with distance? We worked with them on our Amethysts Remix Contest to help artists add their own stems to the tracks. Find out more about them here.



Need some great sounds for your productions? Noiiz offers amazing loops, samples, presets, plugins, virtual instruments & more. We offered 50% discount on their unlimited plan, so look out for more discounts in the future! 



We’re offering an exclusive 20% off EVERYTHING (that’s mastering, plugins, samples, networking, sessions and distribution!) with code SYNCRMUSIC_LANDR_20OFF.



We teamed up with CloudBounce, an online service offering instant audio mastering. Like the Musicoin contest, we were looking for unsigned artists who truly had something exciting. The great Patiotic was our winner and he got a free ‘Infinity’ package worth $199.99.





Get your music distributed to one of the worlds fastest growing music markets with Musicinfo. They distribute and promote independent artists’ music in the largest country of the world, China. All Syncr music customers get 20% discount from their purchases on Musicinfo webstore with the code ‘SYNCRMUSIC’


Audible Reality

Want to make 3D and alternative mixes of your new tracks? Audible Reality uses AI to allow musicians to easily make 3D audio products and ‘Vibe‘ mixes, maximising and monetising their music’s potential to deliver a fully immersive and personalized listening experience. 



Upload your music to a streaming site with a difference! Aurovine were the first blockchain music company to realise that the status quo isn’t working and we were the first to take action against the injustice that prevails today. By using their platform, coins are rewarded to the fan and the artist when music is shared it can also be used to download music, stream tracks. Aurovine also offer a share of 10,000 Audiocoins to Syncr users each month as well as the opportunity to mint and sell your NFT artwork.



QRATES is an award winning online music service for vinyl records. Artists can create a website to start crowdfunding/pre-sales of their vinyl release within minutes, and unlike other services, QRATES can take care of the heavy lifting of vinyl pressing, fulfillment and distribution as a true all in one service for vinyl records.

QRATES offers a unique crowdfunding platform specialized in vinyl where the pressing fees can be collected from fans before the manufacturing process, eliminating the costs and risks for artists and labels. Vinyl can be pressed from a minimum of 100 copies.


Post release:

Rotor Videos

Need a video for promoting your single? Our friends at Rotor help musicians make great videos fast & simply with zero video editing skills or production know-how. Get discount here.



We worked with Linkfire to find some of the most exciting artists on Syncr, offering all our users 50% discount for their first three months (using this link) and picking one lucky artist to be featured on our Discovery playlist, Linkfire’s newsletter reaching over 30,000 industry professionals and both of our social media platforms. We found three



ITS US! HELLO! You can use Syncr as part of your release plan by submitting your new releases to playlists, labels, live, sync, brand, in-store, blog, media, contests and more. You can also submit unreleased tracks to labels and sync opps too!



Want to create custom high-quality merch and sell it directly to your fans on Bandcamp, your own website or on ToneThreads’s store without any upfront costs? Tonethreads are the guys for you! Syncr users can also use the code “syncr2020” on their site for 50% off a pro artist subscription for life, or can apply here to win a year of free Pro!


Spot on Track

Spot On Track helps you analyse your Spotify, Apple Music and radio (over 6000 stations in 117 countries) anayltics with up to date charts and statistics, showing you where you’ve been playlisted and how well they’re performing. Filter by country, platform, playlist size and more, while also recieving daily email reports, downloadable metrics and custom charts. Use discount code ‘SYNCRMUSIC’ for one free month on both their Pro and Business packages, for monthly and annual accounts.



Want to know if your track has been used in something you could claim royalties for? Though we havent partnered with them, Songsleuth is a great tool to find and claim unpaid royalties!

Tobias Pugh

Head of Sync