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As well as the amazing placements on our Success Stories page, we've got a tonne more exciting things to share!



Leeds Beckett University were looking for something playful but inspiring for their enrolment ad and Glen Strachan's composition was perfect.

The University of Manchester asked us to find a variety of music for their educational sampler about Graphene, helping to inspire students about the topic.

'justafeelin' by twogood got used on Les Mills' Online Excercise Classes, earning thousands from their sync and reaching a new audience through a choreographed workout routine!

The Bohemian Embassy scored their first sync when their song '50 More Songs To Write' soundtracked the opening scene of 2018's Black Flowers

Weav Run, the incredible adaptive running app by Weav Music, chose two tracks to include; Cameron Dietz - Goals and Amvis - Grind Time

We teamed up with to create music packs for use by YouTubers, gamers and Twitch streamers, starting with this Synthwave pack made exclusively by Syncr artists and then opening it up to more packs on the site.



When Cover Sauce are looking for tracks to add to their library, they come to Syncr. So far we've provided covers by Anthony Lazaro, Joey Collins, Yasmin Jane, Subexile, Johnny Vic, Daniele Carmosino, Ee601, Split The Dealer, Alice Pisano, David Emmerson, Pelham, Vivienne Cure, Violet Orchestra, Darcey and Maus, Phil Da Costa, SAER, Born South, Happy Therapy, Enigo, David Nowakowski, Freedust, Lau, Sonictron, Ivy States  and YOUASWELL. 

SyncdIn signed local artists Odox and Impact to their catalogue.

Boutique production music label Amori Sounds have found some fantastic high-end hip hop instrumentals from Syncr artists Fingerz and Ashley Holbrook. Amrori’s placements include Animal Planet, VH1, abc, MTV, VH1, Netflix, Bravo, E Entertainment and more!

Through one of our briefs Stella Novae earnt a publishing deal from OML Sync for their track 'Pressure On Me'.

Bethany Ferie scored a publishing deal with EMI through work with one of our clients here at SYNCR. You can read more about it here.

For Pure Retrowave Volume 3, Aztec Records picked tracks by Minute Taker and George Ergemlidze to feature. Check out the compilation here. ‘Neon Lines’, the brilliant collaboration of Minute Taker and Walter Alienson made it onto their Pure Synthwave, vol. 4 compilation too. Following this, Allesandro Boldrini got a publishing deal for ‘Holiday’, while Fred Kyla and Lyon Tide both signed their works with them too!

The excellently Amethysts got their track 'Be There' onto OMLSync's compilation album UP Vol.1, earning them valuable exposure to a range of fans and industry professionals in sync and beyond. We worked again with OML Sync to provide more artists for their second volume, including Hazy, St Daniel and Zkeletonz.



We teamed up with music support charity Help Musicians to create a mental health themed album and a page on our site to discuss mental health and music. Find out more here.

We built a very special fundraising song with Musicians Without Borders. Created piece by piece across an instrumental, chorus and verses brief, Robby Stone, Yassi V, Sola, Bed Time and Auggie Velarde contributed fantastic parts for a brilliant cause.Learn about it here.

In collaboration with War Child, BASCA, The Hard Rock Café and Soundcheque we hosted a songwriting contest for an original anti-war song to raise awareness of the plight of children living in conflict. The brilliant Grey Areas (Now known as Sola) won this and earned radio play on Virgin Radio, a gig at The Hard Rock Café, free Syncr Premium, mental health support and more. Listen to the track 'Dear God' here.

Arts and human rights charity Art27 came to us looking for a theme for their new podcast and Matteo Galesi more than delivered with Come Together, perfecting the desired textures and sense of urgency, winning six months of Syncr Pro and helping to support the charity with great content. Listen to the podcasts here.

We partnered with the legendary Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament to put on political gig Give Peace A Dance at Notting Hill Arts Club with the wonderful Sisteray, Bugeye and Luna Rosa.



We've been working with Marketing Melodies to provide tracks for their storePlay app, which provides music for over 4,500 locations across the globe. Check out our successful artists in this playlist



Syncr and Born Music selected an incredible line-up of OUTLYA, Marsicans, Ulysses Wells, Xidus Pain, Lycio and Little Grim from our submissions to play at The Great Escape 2019.

When James wanted a West Midlands based support act for their Wolverhampton show, they asked Syncr to help find the best artist for the job. As a result, the fantastically talented Bryony Williams was announced soon after as support.

MADE Festival were looking for a local artist to open the 2022 festival and ODOX delivered!

We teamed up with CloseUp Promotions, branding agency Born and Jagermeister to host and filmed COURTS gig in immersive 360 which you can watch here.

Our first big success was when Red Telephone got their spot at Focus Wales (they smashed it!).



In 2018, we got the brilliant Ffion in tmrw magazine! The submissions were that great that Felix Shepherd and Dante also got featured online.



Pro playlist curators alexrainbirdMusic have been hosting your music on their playlists to an audience of over 70k Spotify followers and 1m on YouTube. Check out our successes here.

Rock connoisseurs Rak Rock Radio love your music! Check out this playlist of all the tracks they've played on their shows through Syncr. Check out playlisted tracks here.

We've worked with radio show Overview to get your music played internationally! They even hosted a live show with Syncr users Thailah, Andrae, Heavn, Saint Daniel, Marissa McKinnon! Plus a compilation album by them earnt Shingai, Ivy Ash, Chris D’Lima, Arqtic, The Links, Regulus Red and The Singslayer royalties and radio rotation all summer!


April Fools:

On April 1st 2019, we worked with the UK Government on the official Brexit anthem. In a statement Theresa May stated “We owe it to the people that put us here to put their priorities first. As we are focused on finding a way forward, we find the next obvious step is to host a contest for a national Brexit anthem.” Sisteray had an undeniable winner with 'April Fools', which won them a free year of Syncr Pro access!

Unfortunately, no-one submitted any yodelling to our 2020 Yodeller of the Year contest, meaning no-one won! How foolish do you all feel now?

For a brief in April 2021, we wanted to hear short, sharp “shhh”-like sounds for the spray noise of our new perfume StYNCR, the first perfume which works as an air freshener, anti-persperant, de-icer, hair spray, inhaler, shampoo and conditioner – all in one! With influences ranging from Marvin Spray to Lynx Africa, Fabreze to Aerosolsmith, we decided to split the best spray noises between the two Marks: Parr and Matthews, who won six months of free Syncr Pro each.

AllYours wont our 2022 call out for tracks which would best impress the official Syncr Cat. ‘Where You Lay’ was just too purr-fect.



Luna Rosa won our competition with Woojer to win a Woojer Strap, helping you to feel the music you play physically through haptic technology.

We worked with Blast Radio to help spotlight artists through playlisting and give them a voice through their own shows. Sarah Harralson, MrrrDaisy, Rosa Lavenne, Nizzy, Jamie Alomorad won free hardware to create their shows and all applicatns get free software. 

Stylophone got both Stylophone S-1 and Stylophone Gen X-1: EGO DEATH syd indigo,  ELEMENTS luan mei, FULLY DRESSED truman dinosaur, DAMNED mark holland

We teamed up with CloudBounce, an online service offering instant audio mastering. Like the Musicoin contest, we were looking for unsigned artists who truly had something exciting. The great Patiotic was our winner and he got a free 'Infinity' package worth $199.99.

The Brilliant Abbey Lane won prizes from CME including a WIDI Master and a WIDI Thru6 BT with her song Hypnotise!



Disrupción Records released three singles by artists from their FEELS Songwriting Competition, where cultural themes were interpreted into original tracks. Two of the winners were found through Syncr - and Kate even got signed through it! Mari drew inspiration for 'Always Yours' from Kilig, a Philipino term referring to butterflies in one’s stomach. Kate B’mand based her track ‘Keep It Moving’ on the Japanese philosophy of Shouganai, where worrying about the future will only deprive one of joy in the present. Listen here.


Through our brief, Jonny Fallout got signed by synthwave specialists Retro Reverb Records!



We hosted a brief for unfinished/unused instrumentals and after choosing our favourite, found a brilliant rapper for Enigo's Triumph. Check out the story behind it here.



In 2021 we hosted a brief looking for artists who wanted their tracks remixed by other members of the Syncr community. Amethyst's 'Pressure Makes Diamonds' was selected and the remixes were so good, we made an EP with them! Read more about the project, EP and tracks at their Clout premiere.



We worked with coffee brewers Perky Blenders to create a unique music themed coffee, providing three incredible artists as ambassadors. Find out more here.



We're always looking to get involved with people who do things differently, who think ahead of the curve, and most importantly have musicians best interests at heart. In 2018 we teamed up with Musicoin, a blockchain powered streaming platform, to find music “from any genre, hoping to hear music that blows us away”. We then awarded 10,000 Musicoins to three brilliant artists.

Our friends at blockchain streaming site Aurovine have gifted 10,000 Audiocoins to three winners each month, with winners including Lucia, Princeps, Shingai, Sanderson Hill, Sciarra, SleepThink as well as Outland playing at their October live gig. All other shortlisted applicants recieved 750 Audiocoins.

Corite uses their crowdfunding platform to enable creators to earn a fan powered advance, allowing unsigned artists to have the benefits of a traditional label but with the fans seeing the benefit rather than a label. We ran special Syncr powered Corite campaigns with them which created more promotion and success for them. Check out the playlist of successful artists here.

Did you know we also work with music videos? We've been working with multiple channels to get your videos out there! Check out videos successfully placed on California Music Channel here and Discover Music Videos here

Rotor Videos is an app that helps artists make music videos through AI. We worked with them to give multiple artists each month a free music video! Check out the playlist of videos made here.

We've teamed up with Cosynd to offer our users discount to their copyrighting services, as well as promotion on a shared playlist. Successfully playlisted artists earned one year free premium subscription to their service too! Find their services at a discounted price on our partner page here.

We worked with Linkfire to find some of the most exciting artists on Syncr, offering all our users 50% discount for their first three months (using this link and picking one lucky artist to be featured on Linkfire’s newsletter reaching over 30,000 industry professionals and both of our social media platforms.

Tobias Pugh

Head of Sync