Introducing… Syncr Live


You may have noticed a new edition to the menu of our site. Alongside our briefs, Syncr Masterclasses and your tracks, we’ve now added a sneak-peak at our upcoming streaming platform Syncr Live.


Designed for musicians, Syncr Live is a place for Syncr’s own content. A place where instead of just offering new and exclusive opportunities, we’re creating them for you to soundtrack. Our first announcement features UK Football stars like Michel Owen, Emile Heskey, Paul Gascoigne, David Seaman and more in A Different Ball Game; an exciting new show where you can go head to head with these sporting legends. This, alongside our other content, will be completely soundtracked by you, our Syncr Music members!


We’ll also be shooting and broadcasting all our live events in 360, offering livestreaming opportunities where artists can earn money through donations (you’ll of course keep all your donations, we’re not greedy), and we have a few more ideas to give you more value for your membership, but we can’t reveal them just yet…


Alongside these opportunities for musicians, we’ll also be acquiring exciting classic films and events to stream, distributing independent films and sharing music documentaries featuring the world’s biggest stars. Check out the site here.


You can find some of our Syncr Live sync opportunities here.