How unsigned, new and independent artists can fare better in Sync

For small artists, the music industry can be a scary place where everything seems to be working against you. But with Sync, that reality is flipped on its head as small, independent and unsigned artists can sometimes fare better than the big stars. Keep reading to find out how.


You’re new and exciting!

Brands and studios are always looking to champion the next big thing. Often, a music supervisor will be asked, to their delight, to break new acts through the project they’re working on, not only benefiting the artists, but also making a better TV show or movie in the process. With the importance of radio singles declining, artists like Rag’n’Bone Man and Barns Courtney owe their rise to success to good sync deals.


You’ll be heard on a level playing field

Submitting to Syncr means that no matter how many Facebook likes you’ve got, how many world tours under your belt or albums you’ve sold, your music will be heard for what it is. So if it fits the brief, you’ve got it!


You can react quicker

Often, the bigger artists get, the less control they have over their own work. You, as a Syncr user, have complete control to submit to briefs with quick turnarounds. With a few clicks, you can submit you music and it’s done. No 23 songwriters to talk to, no business people getting in the way, no meetings about an artist’s brand strategy, just you/your band submitting to be a part of something incredibly exciting.


You’re more likely to get picked

For films with smaller budgets that can’t afford songs that we’ve all heard too many times before, the smaller artist has more to offer. You’ll be a fresh new sound helping to get a production made while gaining fans and money in the process. Not only will you gain the royalties you deserve, but they will often pay an extra bit of cash based on our guidelines to the winning submission.


You have more to gain

Sync deals affect everybody in the industry, whether they’re reviving classics, playing what’s popular now or breaking new artists. But with the up and coming artist, they aren’t only more likely to get picked, but they’ll gain a larger audience comparatively. The world of sync is your proverbial oyster.