How SYNCR Works

If you’ve been with us a while, you’ve no doubt got to grips with how exactly Syncr works – however, for all of you newbies along for the ride, here’s a few handy pointers and FAQs to successfully get you started on your Syncr journey. Ready, set, GO!



Step 1: Fill out your profile.

Profile: Sometimes brief holders will want to know more about you, so it’s really helpful to the Syncr team as we can visit and get it straight away.


Wondering what verification means? It’s simply a sign of profile completeness, you’ve successfully filled out all your relevant information and we’ve been able to check that you’re real!





Step 2: Upload tracks that you would be happy to represent you as an artist.

Remember to complete all the relevant track information as best you can as this will affect the processing speed of your application. If we have to email you to clarify any missing information then you may miss out on the opportunity!


If you need any clarification on any of the information that is required, drop us an email at or ask Syncrman, our chat bot.



Step 3: Apply to briefs

On each brief page, you’ll come across a variety of information depending on what type of opportunity it is (songwriting, film, media, live etc). Ensure that you read through the brief requirements so you can be sure you’re submitting the best track for the job!


Aside from the brief explanation, you’ll also see a number of requirements, whether it’s your location, genre, or fee. It’s important to note that the fee is the amount that you will earn should you be successful – we do not take a percentage of this!

On a few brief types such as film and TV you will also see the requirements for what permissions they require, this is super important! Don’t panic if you don’t understand any of what it’s asking for, if you have any questions feel free to email us or ask Syncrman!


Once you’re done reading through the brief specification, all you have left to do is apply. As long as you’ve already uploaded your tracks, this will be quick and easy and you’ll just have to select the relevant track from the drop-down menu.



Step 4: Explaining your application process.

Your submissions are vetted by our Syncr Curators to make sure you and your music are the right fit for the application.


The speed of our response depends on the timeframe of the brief. Some briefs are only open for 24 hours whilst others are ongoing and updated monthly. So, keep an eye on your email: we want you to succeed as much as you do, so if there are any updates then rest assured, you will be the first to know. After all: Your successes are our successes!



Step 5: Whilst you wait…

Did you know we have a blog? We have a number of articles offering handy advice and insights into the industry that you should definitely check out.


Check out your fellow Syncr users! Head over to our Spotify and check out our ‘Discovery’ playlist. We have a great time listening to your submissions, we believe that they need to be heard! So we’re doing our own personal bit to help.


Follow us on socials: aside from the newsletter, our social networks are one of the best ways of keeping up to date with new briefs, general news and of course, success stories!



Upgrade to PRO: Our Pro users get exclusive access to our Masterclass section, offering sessions hosted by those in the industry who are handing out their invaluable advice on a number of topics. Plus, you’ll be unlocking a whole load of new briefs to apply to!



Brief Explanations


Film + TV

These opportunities are vetted by our SYNCR curators before sending to the brief host, this ensures that only the relevant tracks get passed along. Some have an incredibly tight deadline and others have a bit more time to play with.



All of these will require you to have filled out all of your track information, the music supervisors looking for music will need to have all the information right away, so if we have to email you asking for more information, the opportunity may pass you by. Feel free to submit multiple tracks to these opportunities, we realise that more than one might be a solid potential!




Our SYNCR curators only send the absolute best over to the relevant artists team. Tracks that are shortlisted will get sent over to the artists team. Next, they will have to listen and decide if they would like to proceed, if they do, they will then have to pass the track on to further people in the team. This can be quite a slow process, so don’t be disheartened if you don’t hear anything back right away. Feel free to submit multiple tracks to these opportunities, we realise that more than one might be a banger!




Unless otherwise stated our media briefs tend to be ongoing and relevant tracks are tended to on a monthly basis. Some brief holders will immediately shortlist or turn down artists, but others like to choose a couple of acts per month – so again, don’t be disheartened if you don’t hear back. In this instance, no news is good news! For these it’s probably best for you to submit just one track – pick your best one and let it shine!




Similarly, with the media briefs, the ongoing live briefs are also tended to on a monthly basis. A large amount of our live brief holders tend to shortlist artists and then keep them on file ready for when a relevant show comes up. Our live briefs that are for a specific show are a little bit different however, if you’re applying to one of these, please make sure that you are definitely able to play the date mentioned.


This will massively speed up the process for our brief holders. For these it’s advisable to submit any video footage you may have of you playing live. If not, pick the track you have with the most energy that will be great in a live setting.





For our label briefs, we mostly give our artists the chance to send their music to the labels for the chance to get signed, butthere will be a few artist development courses and other cool things delivered by the label, so read the brief carefully and make sure you know what you’re applying to.




Our collaboration briefs bring artists together for new and exciting projects. Some of these might require a vocalist for a hook, a rapper for a verse, a producer for a remix, the possibilities are endless with the right collaborators!



Hopefully this was helpful to you! If you have any more burning questions, talk to us via our Syncrman chat bot or email us at