How can Artificial Intelligence help you create music?

Robots are increasingly making their way into the world of music. With artists like Holly Herndon writing her brilliant album Proto with her “AI baby” Spawn, or Grimes working with Endel to create a sleep inducing soundscape for relaxation, it seems like the technology of dreams is becoming an intelligent instrument for the most human of art forms.


But its not just big names who can utilise sci-fi tech to unlock their potential. Programmes like the Orb Producer Suite by Hexachords works alongside your inputs to improvise, expand and adapt your music to help you become more inspired, more productive and offer ideas you may never have thought of. The suite works with composers in their DAWs to help generate baselines, arpeggios, chords progressions and more, which translates into unique copyrighted music.


Find out more about how they work and get the suite here. Teachers and students can also get 30% off the pack by contacting their support team.