How To Get Your Music Distributed in China

Syncr Music has partnered up with Musicinfo, a company that distributes and promotes independent artists’ and record labels’ music in the largest country of the world, China. All Syncr music customers get 20% discount from their purchases on Musicinfo webstore with the code ‘SYNCRMUSIC’


Reach 800 million music listeners

The Chinese streaming music market is huge. There are over 800 million internet music listeners and over 1 billion social media users in China. Traditional Western streaming services are not available in China, but they have their own music services. This also means that your old songs are new in China, you can take advantage of your whole music catalog. Musicinfo distributes music on largest steaming services like QQ Music, Kuwo Music, Kugou Music and Netease Music. They give 100% of the royalties to the customer and the customer only pays yearly subscription fee.


Over 1 billion social media users

In China, the most popular social media channels are for example WeChat and Weibo, and Musicinfo can promote your music on these channels, in Chinese. It’s important to create content in the local language, since the Chinese don’t read that much content in foreign languages. Musicinfo can also push your music to most the most popular Chinese playlists.


Check if your music is available in China

If you want to check if your music is already available in China, you can use Musicinfo China Search Tool. Just write your artist or song name to China Search and you will get results from QQ music and Netease music. It is good to acknowledge if you music is available in China, and if it is, do you get the royalties from your current China distributor.


A real-life case of independent artist getting synced in China

Musicinfos’ partner record label Solina Records, told us about their sync deals with TV, advertisement and fashion industry. Villa Nah’s track Love Chance has recently been featured on H&M advertisement in China and 10 other countries including eg. Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam and Kanada. Tom Riski from Solina told us that they got featured by sending promotional mails to different companies. One company from London liked the track so much they decided to start the negotiation with Solina to get the music featured on H&M commercial.



This case highlights the possibility for independent artists to get exposure through large scale commercial media. You just have to make great music and get it reached by people who are looking for great music. This is where Syncr music can help you, in getting you music heard.