Earn more streams with 3D Audio and Vibes from Audible Reality

Struggling to get more streams? Give your fans unlimited new experiences for every song with Audible Reality 3D audio Vibes.


The nature of streaming is that your song generates the most streams when it’s first released. After that (for most artists) there’s a continual downward trend in stream counts. The typical solution is to create new content to keep stream counts up.  However, creating and releasing new music is not only time consuming but also very expensive. That’s where Audible Reality comes in. With Audible Reality, you don’t need to release new music just to drive new streams.


Have you ever released a track and wished the vocals were more clear, or forgot to pull down the volume on the drums? Maybe you just wished you could hear it differently but it’s too late — it’s already been published.  Well did you know that nearly 85% of all listeners prefer to hear the music in a different way as well? They want to hear music in a way that is personalized to them, their hearing abilities, and their mood.  Think about it, as users of Instagram and TikTok, we are constantly changing the look and feel of our posts with interactive filters. Well that’s exactly what Audible Reality offers with Vibes. Now YOU can create your own custom 3D audio enhancement filters for music streaming so that your fans can experience the music they love in brand new ways. 


How do Vibes drive more streams?

Did you know most streaming services won’t count your track as being played unless a user listens for 30 seconds or longer? Vibes increase listening time per track by 150% longer than typical streams. Vibes also convert full song plays 94% of the time, meaning less track skips and more full plays (beyond 30 seconds and generating more money in your pocket).


Tell me more about Vibes: A Vibe is a new interactive production preset that is created by you but controlled by fans as they listen. Audible Reality Pro is the tool that creates Vibes. But it doesn’t stop there. Vibes collect valuable listener engagement data for you so you can find new pockets of listeners that love your sound and target them directly.  Vibes drive discovery of new music as each Vibe can be paired with any song and shared throughout social media to generate new leads for listeners.


On top of all this, the Audible Reality Pro DAW plugin can also produce 3D audio mixes (think Dolby Atmos). The only difference is that any song produced with Audible Reality Pro can be published and enjoyed on any streaming platform, with any device. Even Dolby Atmos can’t offer that.


So what are you waiting for? Start diversifying your catalog today! Engage your fans in a brand new way. Become an Audible Reality Pro.


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