321 Artists looking for artists to playlist and White Room Recs are looking to add to their roster!

Plus, get an exclusive perk through SYNCR and receive 20% off Music Info.


321 Artists 


An artist management and development company based in Buckinghamshire. It is a hub for emerging artists, providing them with the tools and services to allow them to progress and succeed as much as the next person.

They’re now accepting submissions from SYNCR artists to be added to their brand new monthly Spotify playlist, ‘321 PRESS PLAY’, all successful artists will additionally receive 30% off all 321 Artists services, which includes the ebook, consultancy sessions, audio production and graphic design (this excludes their photography and videography services).

321 Artists is a platform where artists can learn how to grow in exposure as well as confidence. They have created a platform where many of the tools an artist needs to grow are all in one place, having written an ebook 321 GO which is a go-to guide for emerging artists, including advice and tips on how to book those high-quality gigs, grow social media and how to self-release your music the right way.


Whiteroom Records


White Room Records is a record label started by singer-songwriter and producer JMSN to support and feature other exciting artists like alcordo and Pearl.

JMSN has worked with artists like Kendrick Lamar and Kaytranada early in their careers and now wants to find other exciting artists to work with. Applicants can be from anywhere and be of any style, they just have to impress! Submit here now.

Music Info


Syncr Music has partnered up with Musicinfo, a company that distributes and promotes independent artists’ and record labels’ music in the largest country of the world, China. All SYNCR music customers get 20% discount from their purchases on Musicinfo webstore with the code ‘SYNCRMUSIC’