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Reality TV Placement: R&B/Soul

TV | R&B, Soul

CloseUp Promotions Emerge Playlist

Playlist | Multiple Genres

Alex’s Music Blog

Media | Multiple Genres

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Clebox Music

Sync | Multiple Genres

Reality TV Placement: R&B/Soul

TV | R&B, Soul

Sports TV Placements

Brands, TV | Indie, Rock, Pop, Hip Hop, Electronic

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Fresh Rebel

Indie, Alternative

Turn Me Up Before You GoGo

Pop, Rock, Dance

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The Music in May

Indie, Pop, Alternative

Pink Wafer

Hip Hop, Jazz, Soul, Folk

High Street Disco

Pop, Electronic, Indie

Left Bank Magazine

Indie, Rock, Post-Punk

Northern Yellow Coat

Multiple Genres


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Clebox Music

Brands | Sync | Multiple Genres


Brands | Multiple Genres

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Babywoman Records

Folk, Indie Pop, Indie Rock

Sublime Exile Recordings

Multiple Genres

Astral Noize Records

Metal, Rock

White Room Records

Pop, R’n’B, Electronic

Rama Lama

Indie, Pop, Rock

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Pink Wafer Live

Live | Hip Hop, Jazz, Soul, Folk

CloseUp – 7/11

Electronic, Pop, Indie

Killing Moon Live

Multiple Genres

Scruff of the Neck

Indie, Pop, Rock


Indie, Pop, Rock, Electronic