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Aurovine NFT Art Contest

Album/Single Artwork

Cycling Fitness Classes

Sync | All Genres

Indie Arcade RPG

Gaming | Electronic

Sonic Decoy

Label | Rock

The Music Elk – Esports Placements

Gaming | Multiple Genres

Film & TV Briefs

Get synced on incredible shows, films, and ads.

Cycling Fitness Classes

Multiple genres

Indie Arcade RPG



Multiple Genres

The Music Elk – Esports Placements

All genres

Amori Sounds

Hip Hop, Instrumentals

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Audible Reality

Playlist | Hip Hop

N.O.D Musik Curation

Playlist | Multiple Genres


Playlist | Electronic, EDM

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The Punk Poet


The Bucket Playlist

Indie, Pop, Rock, Folk


Rock, Metal, Electronic, Indie

Rak Rock Radio


Fortitude Magazine

Multiple Genres


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Music Video Spotlight

Music videos | All genres

Pop Songwriting

Songwriting | Pop

Music Concierge

Brands | All Genres

Corite Spotlight

Brands | All genres

Weav Run

Running App | Adaptive Music | All Genres

Label Briefs

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Aztec Records

Electronic, SynthPop, SynthWave

Sonic Decoy


Retro Reverb Records

Synthwave, Electronic

Rhythmic Records

Pop, EDM, Electronic

Astral Noize Records

Metal, Rock

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Pink Wafer Live

Hip Hop, Jazz, Soul, Folk

CloseUp – 7/11

Electronic, Pop, Indie

Killing Moon Live

Multiple Genres

Scruff of the Neck

Indie, Pop, Rock


Indie, Pop, Rock, Electronic